New Year = New Shower's finally 2019! With it being a new year, my husband and I chose a few projects we wanted to focus on for 2019. I'm so excited to share them with you along the way!

**This post is sponsored by Mosaic Tile Outlet. All thoughts, ideas, and opinions are my own**

My husband and I built our house in 2014. The design process was fun, but also overwhelming. It was so exciting going to pick out all the finishing touches and make it our own, however, there were a few things we knew we would get to after we actually moved into our house…our master bathroom being one of them.

Well, fast forward a few months later. I got pregnant with my daughter, so our master bathroom quickly got put on hold as we focused on decorating her nursery and getting everything ready for her arrival. The master bathroom was fine, and we decorated it a bit, but still knew we wanted to do more.

Our shower was just pretty plain and we wanted to tile it, but didn’t want to deal with renovations while having a newborn.

Here are a few photos of what our shower looks like currently, and the tub next to it.

So, now that it’s 2019, we figured it’s time to put some love into the bathroom we’ve been wanting to create. Starting with the shower.

We knew we wanted to do the process online since our schedules are so busy. We searched on Mosaic Tile Outlet for some inspo, and were pleasantly surprised with their selection. They literally had everything we could have imagined (and then some)! And, the best part was that we could order samples to be delivered to our home.

We wanted to see what certain colors and styles looked like in our bathroom, so we chose a few basic white subway tiles, some options for the floor and bench, and a deco style tile that i’m pretty much obsessed with for an accent wall in the shower.

Here is the decco tile that I seriously can't wait to use. I was so excited when I saw it as an option! I'm thinking about doing it on the wall above our bench. 


Once they arrived, I was SO in love! I’m just left to decide what size subway tile we want for other walls, and what we want to do for the floor and bench. What are your thoughts?

Here's option 1

Combo 1

Here's option 2

I can’t wait to start the renovation! I’ll definitely keep you posted with progress photos once we decide to get going. Can’t wait to show you the final product!

To learn more about Mosaic Tile Outlet and see their tile selection, head here.


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