Avery's Room Makeover

This post is sponsored by Casper. All opinions are my own.

Do you ever have those moments when you wake up and realize your baby is no longer your baby?

So, that totally happened to me the other day.

I woke up, got my daughter up and ready, had some breakfast and drank some coffee…just like any other day. Except it wasn’t. Today was the day Avery’s big girl bed was getting delivered.

Avery is 3. And, yes I know what you’re probably thinking…”She was 3 and STILL in her crib?” Yep. And guess what? There was nothing wrong with it. She was sleeping well, content, and never tried to climb out, so…why fix something that wasn’t broken?

(Side note: I’m glad we waited because she honestly wasn’t ready before. And, if you’re in the same boat I was, don’t sweat it. Seriously. There’s nothing wrong with a 3 year old in a crib).

But, she’s tall for her age. Like really tall. And, it looked like she could benefit from a bit more room. So, I went on a search for the perfect “big girl” bed. And, if you know me, you know I’m a total researcher. I seriously have to research the heck out of something before committing, and this wasn’t any different.

I was on a quest to find the perfect mattress and bedding. Like I mentioned, she was sleeping great, so there was NO way I was going to ruin that.

While I was researching, I stumbled upon Casper. I had heard great things about them and loved their brand, so I had a good feeling about them from the start.

I started by checking out their “Casper Mattress”. First of all, it has 4 layers of foam, and the mattress itself is breathable, which is something that’s super important since we live in Arizona.

Secondly, it was the perfect combination of support and softness - it’s firmer under your hips and core, but softer under your shoulders. They also offer a risk free trial for 100 nights, so if for some reason, it didn’t work, it’s no biggie.

I knew the Casper mattress was going to be the perfect one. So, I was finishing up browsing their site when I noticed that Casper is now offering bedding as well, which was a total win in my book!

Avery’s room was a mix of soft pinks, mints, golds and greys, so I knew I wanted to stay with that color scheme. We decided on pink cotton sheets with mint pillowcases, and a grey duvet. We also got a few pillows and a mattress pad for her as well (which happened to be waterproof - a HUGE plus for those kiddos who are still in the process of mastering potty training).

Once everything came, we were SO impressed! The mattress was SO comfortable, and the bedding was SO soft. It was love for sure!

To check out the Casper mattress, head here. And, here's where you can check out their new bedding collection.

She had a few favorite stuffed animals already that she liked to keep on her bed, so we added a few new throw pillows and her new Cuddle + Kind “Skye” mermaid doll (which happened to coordinate perfectly with her bedding).

We kept her current dresser and artwork on the walls, but spruced it up with some fresh hardware. She still LOVES her rocking chair (and uses is to rock her "babies"), so she wanted to keep that in the room along with her ottoman. We added a plush heart on the wall that was actually gifted to my mother in law (Avery's grandmother) after she beat breast cancer. She recently gave it to Avery as a keepsake, so we wanted to display it since they have such a close relationship.

Next came the accessories. We knew we wanted to do some updating so her room would feel a bit more like a “big kid’s room” instead of a “baby’s room”. We got a few new things for the wall, and some new bins for her bookshelf. I also ended up adding some wall shelves, which helped display some fun things (more on that later).

We got an adorable doll from Bla Bla Kids, which makes a perfect shelf accessory (and best friend when she’s awake)!

I ended up getting a few accessories for the shelves from one of the suppliers we use for the shop. I’ve actually contemplated adding them to the shop…what do you think?

Overall, the new room makeover was a HUGE success! Avery LOVES it and has told me pretty much every day how she can’t wait to sleep in her “big girl room”!


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    Where did you get her bed frame!? It is soo cute!

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